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The firm is based in Homes Cottages Additions and Renovations Toronto and Muskoka.  TILT Design’s experience is a broad variety of various residential building types as well as an expansive commercial portfolio. Toronto Architect near me.

The significance of the firm is our design ability, utilizing the extensive experience, knowledge, talents and imagination that will translate to the client’s fulfilment.

TILT Design Inc’s specializes in service to its Clients, providing individual attention to each project.  cottages  In order to accomplish this, we have developed a highly skilled core team of professionals under the direction of a principal of the firm.  Our staff is also supplemented by the latest technology in computer equipment.  We cottages utilize Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) and BIM, to quickly and efficiently generate and assemble design and technical documentation, cost analyses, specifications, word processing, project management and scheduling.

Our strategy is simple; client service, the ability to address client needs creatively with practical and economical solutions.  The firm continues the TILT Design’s cottages tradition for design innovation and quality.  Past and future success of the firm is based upon dedication and skill, as well as the continued support of our clients.

The firm’s principal passion commenced at an early age.  Being the son of one of the more reputable Luxury Home Builders in the GTA, there he was introduced into the industry and exposed to the home building and design world.  With well over 30 years of experience in the field he is able to continue to persevere.



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